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Motoring Offences

At Equity Law Solicitors we defend all motoring prosecutions.
Our team of highly experienced road traffic lawyers have successfully defended motoring prosecutions and are available 24/7 to assist with any query you may have.

If you are facing road traffic issue, then Equity Law Solicitor should be your first choice. We understand that the consequences of the driving offences can be extensive. We apply everything the law permits to save your licence, and any points or fine you may get.
If you have been involved in a motoring offence or have been served a Notice of Intended Prosecution then get help and legal advice from our team of Specialists.
We are acutely aware that for many of our clients motoring offences can cause acute embarrassment on both a personal and business level. Going to court for a traffic matter is a serious issue but the criminal justice system deals with people accused of Road Traffic matters in the same way as other offenders that can make you feel criminalised.
Instructing a specialist Road Traffic Lawyer from Equity Law Solicitors will ensure that the procedural and legal issues are dealt with in a sensitive, confidential, timely and professional manner.
In our experience the courts rarely respond well to unrepresented defendants. Road traffic law can be a procedural minefield.
Having a Road Traffic Lawyer to fight your corner who knows how the system works can give you the best chance of achieving the result you want from your case.
We operate on a fixed-fee basis and always keep our legal costs reasonable.

For more information please contact us on 02034413340 or email us on info@equitylawsolicitors.com

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