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Our specialist immigration solicitors specialise in all aspects of immigration work and ensure that every client receives maximum attention and service in the following areas

Citizenship and Nationality

A person can acquire British citizenship in many ways. A person is a British national or citizen if he was born in the United Kingdom before 1 January 1983 or up to and including 31st December 1982.A person will be treated as a British Citizen if he was born in the UK after 1982 and at the time of his birth either of his parents were British Citizen or Settled Person in the UK.

Asylum and Human Rights Application

Many people flee their own countries for many reasons and seek the protection of the UK government. A person who seeks protection from the UK Government against persecution in his own country is referred as an Asylum-seeker. For more details on claiming an Asylum in the UK, please contact us.

Work and Business Permits Applications

These are the Applications made under the new point based system. The new point based system has replaced the previous Tier 2 category. For an applicant to work in the UK, he needs a sponsor and must secure certain points. For more details please contact us.

Pre-Settled and Post-Settled EU Applications

You may be entitled to EU pre-settled status in the UK if you are an EU national, and were living in the UK for less than 5 years on 31 Decmber 2020. You may qaulify for post-settled status if have been in the UK for atleast 5 years on 31 December 2020.

Students and post study work visas

The category of student is divided between minor and adult students. An adult student is someone who would like to study in the UK for post-16 education under Tier 4 (general). A child student is a person aged between 4 and 17 years.

Appeals before immigration tribunals

Applicants in the UK have a very limited right to appeal. Only applicants in a specific category are provided with a right of appeal.

Family Reunion Applications

Family reunion includs applications for spouses, civil partners, dependants and childrento enter and remain in the United Kingdom on the grounds of family life with a person who is a British Citizen, Settled in the UK, granted refugee status Granted Humanitarian Protection in the UK and also a person who has a limited leave to remain in the UK.

Entry clearance applications

We deal with all entry clearance applications. These are the applications generaly made from outside of the UK. This includes visit visa applications, work and family reunion applications.

Bail applications

Our Immigration team can assist your with all types of bail applications. For more details please contact us.

Judicial Review applications

Judicial review is a request for a review of the decision of a public body or in the case of immigration it will be a request against the decision of the Home Office.

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