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Immigration Law Price & Service Information

Our Team

Our team comprises a partner and one other lawyer who are assisted by paralegals. All matters will be managed under the supervision of the partner incharge.

 Partner and Supervisor

  • Hutton Horsfall – Solicitor (qualified as a solicitor in 2008)
  • David Nelson–Iye ( LLB, 2008 )

Our Services

Our UK immigration team has extensive experience in managing the immigration needs of employers hiring foreign talent, individuals seeking to relocate, families wishing to reunite or relocate.

In each case, our team will undertake a thorough assessment of our client’s position and advice on the most appropriate immigration application for the relevant individual and family members.

  • Work and Business Visas including Sponsorship Licence Applications
  • Study Visas (Tier 4 (General); and Tier 4 (Child)
  • Family and Dependant Visas
  • Points Based System Dependant.

We also offer assistance with the following immigration applications:

  • Spouse visas;
  • Ancestry visas; and
  • Sole Representatives of an Overseas Business.
  • Applications Based on Brexit Treaty such as Pre-Settled and Post- Settled Applications
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain 
  • Asylum Applications
  • Discretionary Applications based on Private and Family Life in the UK.

Our charges and timescales

We work on both fixed fees and hourly rates. Our hourly legal fees are calculated by reference to the total time spent on a case and the hourly rates of the members of the team who deal with it. These are as follows:


  • Partners – £267  per hour
  • Solicitors – £200 per hour
  • Paralegals – £121 per hour

Please note that these rates do not include VAT. VAT is applied at the rate of 20% on our fees and, where applicable, disbursements.


  • £500 + VAT for renewals of permits
  • £600 + VAT for Letter before Claim in Judicial Review
  • £600     for Entry Clearance Applications for Tier 4, Spousal Applications and Visitors
  • £1500 + VAT for Sponsorship Licence Applications
  • £1000 + VAT for  Skilled Worker Applications formerly Tier 1 & 2
  • £1500 +  VAT for Appeals, where applicable

Range of costs of £800 – £1500 + VAT for HRA applications, where applicable

Range of costs of £1000 – £2000 for ex- country settlement applications. No VAT is charged

  • take instructions and provide advice, either in person, over the telephone or in writing;
  • provide details of our strategy, relevant timeframes and details of documents necessary to support an application;
  • consider documents provided by a client;
  • prepare and submit the substantive application; and
  • advise the client on timelines and the outcome of their application.

Disbursement includes Home Office fees. A full list of the Home Office fees can be found here.

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) the Home Office’s fee is £2389 
  • for Judicial Review (JR)  the Court fee of £154
  • Immigration Tribunal appeals: £80 for a paper hearing and £140 for in-person hearing
  • Permit renewal £1052.20 with NHS fee (‘IHS’) of £1560.00

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS): Most immigration applications attract IHS; for a spousal settlement visas (30 months) the IHS is currently set at £1,560. For the exact amount of IHS PAYABLE, the details can be found here.


Barristers’ fees will be treated in the same way as disbursments. We will negotiate the fees of the barrister for you once it has been decided that a barrister needs to be involved in the case. Barristers’ fees depend on the complexity of the task given to them and their experience and expertise. Barristers will charge VAT in addition to the quoted fee. By way of example:

  • an appearance by a junior barrister at a short preliminary hearing (one to two hours) might cost in the region of £1,000;
  • a senior barrister might charge a fee upwards of £2,000 -£2,500.

Every application is  different and the exact amount of work involved in each will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • the basis on which the applicant makes their application e.g. if they are making a spouse visa application, the basis on which they choose to meet the financial requirement;
  • the number of documents that need to be reviewed and submitted in support of an application;
  • whether the applicant is asking discretion to be exercised by the Home Office; and
  • the overall complexity of the case.
  • It generally takes between 6-12 months for a decision from the Home Office.

If we are required to undertake more work and spend additional time working on a case, our legal fees will increase.

We will normally be able to submit applications within two weeks of being provided with all relevant documents needed, and let our clients know at the earliest opportunity if there are any reasons why we anticipate their application will take longer than this to prepare. However, we cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application.